Our story

Majestik brand is the commercial name representing three excited people from Barcelona with the aim to contribute to the watch market with an exclusive product that respects the environment and our society's concerns

Our adventure begins in 2018, when three lifelong friends decide to start a journey together. Our passion for watches and the desire to do things differently led to a new design concept of our own product. The goal was clear: achieve a solar watch, minimalist and responsible with the environment with a unique design. A mix of style made with respectful materials to allow our customers to be part of a community with consciousness. 

From mid-2019 we have been working hard to create a unique design and translate it into a real product made with the most sustainable materials. But this will not stop here: We will continue learning and growing so we can be even prouder of what we do and who we are. Would you join us in this exciting journey?

Our mission

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do to help our planet? We have. 

There are many of us who, like you, care about preserving the environment. With Majestik watches you can wear a contemporary and elegant accessory and, at the same time, contribute to preserving our planet. With your help, we are convinced that we can take another step, together, towards a better future

The mission of our project is simple: we want to work on a new product with the environment preservation as one of its core focuses. Right now, time is running out and is becoming mandatory to create products that are respectful and conscious of our planet.

Our commitments

Have you heard of the 3 R's rule? The 3Rs help you to create less waste, to save money and to become a more responsible consumer. Our commitments are based on these three concepts:

We are now at an early starting point but we will be working on improving these 3R’s with our materials so we can achieve bigger commitments.